Friday, September 18, 2009

Freezing, Fun, & Forced Smiles!!!

Chase is praying for protection as he enters the log ride that his muscular arms and hands will be spared from any harm that may be placed upon him.

Does this look too forced? I just wanted one little smile. I tried not too pull out too much hair.

Jay and I decided to take the kids to Sea World over the 4th of July, CRAZY!!! But It wouldn't be an official Curtis vacation without crazy, mad fun, right?

Jail time & Tattoos, YEAH!!!

I bet I have your attention Now!! Sorry no juicy gossip from me just highlights from our trip to Magic Mountain. Jay and I went here the very first day we were married but forgot until we turned into the parking lot and recognized the roller coaster.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This was our families 10th Pinewood Derby. We have had equally the same amount of time at the Cub Scout Day Camp. I figured by the time I participate in my last Pinewood Derby I will also be celebrating my 50th birthday. Brayden is just a little bit competative can you tell?
I think we have made about 30 cars so far because every year the older boys made one Jay helped the little boys make one of their own. We still have all of them but I noticed the other day Jackson pulled all of the wheels off. Back to hammering new tires onto those cars.