Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I TOLD YOU SO!! 4 little words I hate.

For months CAMRYN kept asking me to take the training wheels off her bike because she knew how to ride it just fine. We finally took off those wheels and away she went. Every chance she gets she hops on that bike. She has almost outgrown it and it's less than a year old. Those darn kids if they would just stop GROWING!

Finally he DID IT!!!

Brayden Finally decided he would play a season of FLAG FOOTBALL!! He loves to run and we knew he could do it but I think after watching his older brothers get BLOODIED and BRUISED the last few years he was never going to play. He loved it and Jay of course approached like a business deal. For every flag he pulled he earned a DOLLAR and for every touchdown he earned FIVE DOLLARS!!
We generally try not to bribe the kids but with Brayden The ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR always kicks him into gear. Whatever works, right?
He wasn't so focused on making mistakes and becoming discouraged but looked at every player as a profit in his wallet!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Can you guess who these SASSY cowboys are??